Winterize Your Smoker

February 10, 2013
by Curt

Winterized Smoker-postToo cold to get outside and fire up that smoker? Not with this product I found. You’ll have to come up with your own jacket and gloves, but after much searching, I found just what I was looking for to help keep the smoker cooking strong.

Here in Wisconsin, it can get mighty cold between the months of November and May! Too cold to effectively use your smoker, but not too cold to bundle up and get outside and smoke! So, I found a very affordable and very effective material to create an insulation jacket for your smoker.

I use the Webber Smoky Mountain vertical smoker, so that’s what I’ll be insulating, but you should be able to adapt this to whichever style smoker you use.

The material is Reflectix. And no, this is not a paid review. They don’t know me, but you should get to know this material. I looked around for insulation jackets on the web and found a few for sale anywhere from $75.00 to $100.00. I bought a 16″ x 25′  roll of Reflectix for $15.00, and used 5 feet of it to build a jacket for my webber bullet. You do the math. Cheap cheap! And it works great.

If anyone knows of something better or just as cheap and effective, feel free to let me know in the comments. Or feel free to ask any questions you have.

By the way, I took this picture February 9th, 2013. It was 12° F. Brrrrrrrrrr! I was out grilling some grouper and Bison burgers later that day! Hey, I’d rather be in Texas, but you gotta make the best of where you’re at, right?


  • very interesting Curt. I have a Bradley Smoker that is like a mini fridge shaped setup with a side door. I wonder how I could build a little smoker coat for it.

    It is sure cold and snowy up here in Toronto

    • Curt says:

      If you notice in the picture, it bulges out where it wrapped over the side door for loading more coals or wood. I just wrap it around and tape it. Then if I need to open the door, I just remove it and re-wrap it. I would think that could work for a Bradley with the big door. It definitely makes a big difference with regulating and keeping the heat inside the smoker.

  • bbqbill says:

    can also insulate with a wool blanket in a pinch… of course watch out for flammability