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Great Beef Sandwiches Tonight!

July 17, 2011
by Curt

I smoked a chuck roast yesterday. I cooked this one low and slow at 230 degrees. It took 8 hours to bring up to 190 degrees. I should have left it a little longer to take it all the way to 200 degrees, but it was getting very late.

I injected it in the morning with my Orange and Honey Beef Injection, and put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Then I rubbed it with “Honey Rub” made by Butcher BBQ, and then left that sit out on the counter for about a half an hour before putting it on the smoker.

Speaking of smokers, I was using my new 18.5 Webber Smokey Mountain, (WSM), which my wonderful, and thoughtful wife gave me for an early birthday present.  This was the Webber’s maiden voyage. That baby is a breeze to use!

Anyway, I pulled it and have it ready for sandwiches tonight. These will be some damn tasty sandwiches. The beef tastes great on it’s own, but will also taste great with a little Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce mixed in.

Sorry you can’t join me. But you’re welcome to drool over the picture all you want!