Steak and Ale Pie

September 14, 2011
by Curt

Steak and Ale Pie Slice-postThis is the second installment in a new series I decided to present after taking an 8 day trip to England from Aug. 30th to Sept. 6th of 2011.

My primary purpose for the trip was to meet my new grandson, catch up with my daughter, and get to know my son-in-law better. Of course the secondary reason for the trip was to soak up the English culture, see the sights, and experience all the different foods.

As for the sights, I spent my time between London and Brighton, and managed to get in Arundel castle, which by the way was awesome! As for the food, well, that’s what this series is for. So lets get started with the second installment – Steak and Ale Pie.

Steak and Ale Pie

My Opinion:

This reminded me of the classic Pot Pie we usually see in the US. It was very tasty with the traditional brown gravy. Although this wasn’t my favorite of the foods I experienced in the UK, it was definitely one I had seconds of!

According to Wikipedia:

A steak pie is a traditional meat pie served in Britain. It is made from stewing steak and beef gravy, enclosed in a pastry shell. Sometimes mixed vegetables are included in the filling. Steak pie is subtly different from Steak and kidney pie. In Ireland Guinness Stout is commonly added along with bacon and onions, and the result is commonly referred to as a Steak and Guinness Pie (or Guinness Pie for short).

A Steak and Ale pie is a similar creation, popular in British pubs, using one of a variety of ales in place of the Guinness. The dish is often served with “steak chips” (thickly sliced potatoes fried, sometimes fried in beef dripping). Steak Pies are also available from chip shops, served with normal chips, referred to in Scotland as a steak pie supper.

A steak pie supper is usually accompanied by salt and vinegar, however around Edinburgh a combination of spirit vinegar and brown sauce, known simply as “sauce” or “chippie sauce”, is popular. The precise proportions of each ingredient are unique to each take-away.

In Scotland, steak pie is traditionally eaten on Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) or Ne’erday (New Year’s Day).

Steak and Ale Pie recipe:

I dug around the internet for a recipe I felt would be authentic and tested. I decided on this recipe. If you’d like to try this check out this Steak and Ale Pie recipe.



  • Ruby says:

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to Ye Olde England! The savoury pies like steak and ale are one thing I really look forward to as the weather gets colder. Bring on winter!

    • Curt says:

      Hi Ruby, thanks for stopping by. There were so many good foods I tried, and so many I still plan to write about.

      Loved the Full English!

  • Looks like you got the hang of photos!

    Love the series. I had such a great time (3 trips) in England. Food is classic, stick to your bones cooking. You did the pubs proud!

  • Ann says:

    Delicious! I LOVE steak and ale pie! Thanks for sharing

  • Regina says:

    Hi Curt, when are you going to give the recipe that you tried? It looks awesome. Thanks Regina

  • My FIL loves this dish – I’m sending him this recipe. Or, I mean my MIL to make it for him – thanks!!

  • I love to hear about other cultures and their food. I looked at the recipe and it sounds like a very tasty comfort food. Thanks for sharing your experiences in your travels!

  • I’m a British expat and I miss the food so much!! My line hails from Northern England so it’s pies, pies, and more pies for us – nothing like a cheese and onion pie or meat and potato pie covered in gravy! I do like to recreate those dishes here, although it’s not the same.

    • Curt says:

      I know how you feel when you move away from a different culture. You can try to recreate it as best as possible, but it’s never quite the same.

      My daughter just move to northern England a couple months ago.

  • Graham says:

    Hey Curt,

    Thank you so much for posting a link to my steak & ale pie recipe. It really is one of my favs and an “ultimate” in comfort food. I am also glad that you enjoyed your trip to England. I look forward to reading more of your articles about your culinary experiences when you were here. It is always interesting to find out what people from other countries/cultures think of our country and cuisine.

    • Curt says:

      You are welcome. Since I talk to my daughter every Saturday morning on Skype, I get to keep up with what’s going on in England. I really did enjoy my trip there, and looking forward to another one.

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