Peach Smoked Baby Back Ribs

July 26, 2011
by Curt

I just can’t stay away from those baby backs! It’s gotta be in the top 5 of my favorite foods. This time, I changed the smoke, the rub, and lowered the temperature a bit. I even used a different smoker, my new 18.5 Webber Smokey Mountain.

I put these into my Sweet Baby Back Rib Marinade the night before. I left them in the refrigerator for 10 hours overnight. In the morning, I took them out, drained off the marinade, removed the membrane from the back of the ribs, and rubbed them generously and thoroughly with another of the sweet rubs I like to use; Kansas City Sweet, made by “Three Little Pigs”. Then I put them back into the container and set it on the counter for an hour to come close to room temperature.

Now, time to get that smoker going. I got the fire started using all lump charcoal and a few (fist sized) chunks of peach. I also through in a couple pecan chunks for good balance. I documented how I start the fire in the Webber in my “Starting the Fire in a 18.5 Webber Smokey Mountain” article.

Once it was up to about 230 degrees and stabilized, I put the ribs on. I maintained a smoker temperature of 240 to 260 degrees throughout the cook.

After about 2 hours, I put a meat thermometer into the center, (between the bones and not touching them), of the thinnest rack to start monitoring the internal temperature. Once the internal temperature reached 190 degrees, which was 4 1/2 hours into the cook, I started probing the thicker ones. They were all pretty close. Out they came, because they were ready to eat.

Note: I also gave them the bend test. Grab a rack on one end (probably should use tongs), and shake it up and down a bit in mid-air. If they start tearing at the weak point between two bones, they’re definitely, without a doubt, DONE! That’s the part that really gets me excited!

I put the ribs back into the original container to keep them covered. (Yes, I washed it first. Cleanliness is extremely important for food safety). I put the potatoes onto the rack right after taking the ribs off. I would have cooked the potatoes with the ribs, but I didn’t have enough room to do this. I brought the ribs into the house and let them set while the potatoes were cooking.

As usual, my cat Rocky, who as you know if you’ve read a couple of my other articles, is my kitchen helper and was ready and waiting. He definitely has a nose for smoked meats!

Rocky saw and smelled it right away, and he approves!

The potatoes were ready, and after Rocky got his cut, the food is on the table and ready to enjoy!