Did you know that over 150 million Americans consume coffee on a regular basis? Needless to say, Texans are no exception. Even though the  Lone Star State is mostly known for its sumptuous BBQ, coffee is one of the beverages on the top of the list that can start any Texan’s morning or spruce up their afternoon. But what do you do when a coffee machine is nowhere in sight? Well, it’s time to improvise.

With a steep increase in growth of 115% for the cold brew industry, that fresh hit of coffee no longer needs to leave java lovers sweating for their cup. Here are a few simple ways to prepare the perfect cold brew without a coffee machine.

Prepare a Cuppa for the Next Day

This cold brew method is the ideal way to get that delicious cup of coffee ready for the next day, as it takes a cool 12 hours to steep. This method makes use of cold water and is the ideal summer companion. Coffee lovers simply need two glass jars, a non-textured dishtowel, and a few clothes pegs. Stirring utensils and a decent portion of ground coffee make up the remainder. The trick is to simply add a cup of water for every 25 grams of coffee. Give this mixture a good stir, cover, and then let it rest for 12 hours. Once this is done, the fun starts as the cloth is fixed to the second jar with the pegs. The cloth should form a hollow of at least 4 to 5 inches in order to be effective. Once this is done, the homemade cold brew is ready.

Variations to the Cold Brew to Spice it Up

The first and most effective way to get the most out of a cold brew on a hot day is by adding a few blocks of ice. To take it to the next level and perhaps even serve it as a delicious beverage at a barbecue, simply add some flavored syrups. Chocolate and caramel complement coffee well, as well as a homemade vanilla bean mix.

When the Kids Go to Sleep

There are two beverages that simply just seem like they’re made for each other and they are coffee and liqueur. There are a number of great flavors out there, which means an adult iced coffee never needs to taste the same again. For the best results, use crushed ice and a tot of liqueur per cup of coffee. A little bit stronger might not agree with everyone. Some of the liqueurs that complement coffee the best include the berry liqueurs, as well as mint and hazelnut.

The humble coffee bean has the ability to turn sleepy heads into functional human beings and also provides a necessary boost to a long way. There’s simply no reason to settle for instant coffee when there’s no coffee machine around ever again, even for a cold brew.

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