I grew up in Texas grilling BBQ, and eating it! I moved here to Wisconsin in 1992. Never have gotten back to Texas, other than vacations, and I really do miss it.

There are some foods here in Wisconsin I’ve come to love on the grill, like brats, but for the most part, I miss the good ole Texas BBQ, and the great Tex-Mex food.  While living in Texas, I had a reputation for my fajitas! (Yep, it was a good reputation!)

I’ve grilled out for many years, but just recently became addicted to low and slow hot smoking. Every time I smoke, it’s an adventure and a learning, or fine tuning process. Experimenting is the key to finding new and unique recipes and methods.

Here are my current smokers. I started with the trash can smoker. Pretty slick looking, don’t you think? I just recently was given the 18.5 Webber Smokey Mountain, (WSM), by my wife for a birthday present. Who by the way, sure does treat me good. Not sure how I ever got so fortunate.

Great wife and family, and great backyard smoking! What more can a guy ask for?

I hope you all can enjoy my stories, enjoy my recipes, and learn from my cooking stories.

And by the way, feedback is always welcome!


  • Aloha! Your recipes look yumm… I’ll have to try a few…

    • Curt says:

      Thanks Glenn!

      • stacy says:

        Great recipes! TONS to show the hubs!
        Did you make that trash can smoker? If so, anywhere on your site on a how to. I think that would fit the hubs perfectly.

        • Curt says:

          Hi Stacy, I’m glad you like it. If your husband is really interested in the trash can smoker, you or him can get in touch with me through my contact form or a comment and I can send him the blueprints I have made for it. It cost me about 50 buck to make.

  • Larry says:


    Read your comments on the WP Recipes and then viewed your website and realized here’s a guy whose brain I need to pick LOL.
    I am trying to develop my website and I need to get rid of the blog feature but I can’t find the “Delete Comments” plugin you mentioned. When I do a search for that plugin I get 694 items none specifically named “Delete comments”.
    Also I would like to know how you created the floating Site Menu. This has been a “want” of mine for sometime.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Curt says:

      Hi Larry. The menu is called “Floating Menu” It’s created by Lee Chestnutt.

      Unfortunately, the plugin for removing comments I found is no longer available. Plus, I looked up the article I found it in, and that seems to have been deleted. If you Google the question, most will recommend that you change the code in your theme template to remove that comment. If you do that, just remember that every time you update your theme, you have to go back in and make that change.

      If you have more specific questions, I would be happy to try and help. Just send me your email address through my “Contact Me” form.

  • Lisa says:

    Curt, I think you are my lost brother from another mother! Your fabulous recipes speak my language! Thank you for hooking us up with this wonderful site! :). #1FAN

    • Curt says:

      Well thanks Lisa! I’m glad I can connect with some on a higher level. And thanks for letting me know. It makes it all worth while! 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    Curt, I made your Orange Juice Smoked Chicken Wings last night, and WOW! They were fabulous! My husband thinks they may just be the best smoked wings he’s ever had…that’s saying a lot! Trying your Grilled Potato Wedges tonight. Thanks for sharing your Texan expertise 🙂

    • Curt says:

      Thanks for the feedback and your compliments. It means a lot to me. Glad the both of you enjoyed it so much!. Try the grilled cinnamon sweet potatoes too. There’s something about that cinnamon and salt combo on the sweet potatoes that really makes these delicious!

  • Robert Williams says:

    Hi I am gonna have to try your Honey Glazed Mesquite Smoked Pork Tenderloin it looks and sounds good. I am new to Smoking. tks

    • Curt says:

      Thanks! Just remember that the key is to add more glaze after flipping it. That makes a nice glaze on top! In fact, it was so good, I’m going to be making it again in a week or two.

  • Robert Williams says:

    Tks Curl for the tip

  • Curt I just went through all your rubs and marinades and also being from Texas and now here in Minnesota I just got to say thank you so much for these marinades and rubs. Is there a certain one to use for Beef Brisket.

    • Curt says:

      Hi Martha. Thanks so much for the compliments, and I know just how you feel being away from Texas. I think I miss the food more than anything. Typically, most brisket is rubbed with just salt and black pepper. But I’ve found my Texas Blend spice rub to work pretty good with brisket. Here’s a link to it. http://www.smokedngrilled.com/texas-blend-spice-rub/. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Chris O'Brien says:

    Hi Curt, Just came across your site and glad I did. I am a novice smoker playing with my weber kettle grill,but would like to see the plans for the trash can smoker. also I haven’t seen a place to sign up for future adds to your site…Is there such …..never mind I just noticed it. I’ll be a regular here, thanks Curt

    • Curt says:

      Hi Chris, Once you get the smoking process down, you’ll be hooked. I was just asked about the trashcan smoker from someone else a couple days ago. I misplaced the plans I drew up when I recently bought a new home and moved. I’m looking for them though and will get them to you.

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